STEELE-FACED (Daggers & Steele #6):

For Detective Jake Daggers, ‘formal attire’ means spritzing his leather jacket with cologne, so when a prospective vice case calls for a tuxedo, he’s understandably hesitant. But the thrill of high stakes poker and an all-expenses-paid trip on a luxury cruise liner beckon—as does the possibility of spending time alone with his beautiful and brilliant half-elf partner, Shay Steele.

Unfortunately, things are never what they seem… No sooner have Daggers and Steele set sail than the supposedly simple vice case takes a decidedly deadly turn.

Now they must battle on two fronts, trying to uncover a poker cheat while unraveling a tangled web of murder and lies. With suspects cropping up at every turn, a straightforward conclusion may not be in the cards. For Daggers and Steele to have any hope of building a winning hand, they’ll have to swallow their fears and remain STEELE-FACED.

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