Rich Weed

My Rich Weed series is a science fiction/mystery hybrid starring private investigator Rich Weed and his faithful android companion, Carl. It’s an homage to science fiction and mystery pulp novels of decades past, and it features plenty of humor and silliness peppered into the mystery. Enjoy!

THE TAU CETI TRANSMUTATION (Rich Weed #1): Private investigator Rich Weed’s debut, featuring waffle-loving aliens, religious nutcases, and a beautiful but untrustworthy dame.

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DEEP SPACE DRAGNET (Rich Weed #2): With a malcontent bounty hunter and a cow-like alien physicist at his side, Rich joins the hunt for a group of elusive space pirates.

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BRAIN GAMES (Rich Weed #3): When a missing persons case takes an unexpected turn, Rich is forced to dive into the digital world of fully immersive Brain games—and fend for his life therein.

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